Look Mom, See What I Picked Up at the Show

Jespersen's Melancholia went to her first show just to check out what was happening.  She decided it looked like fun and just tried a little walk in the puppy class.  Not really a walk per say...but not bad for the first try.  She came home with two RBIS Puppy ribbons.  Mommy was so proud of her sweet little doll.

Two New Additions Arrived at Whispering Lane

Jespersen's Melancholia

Whispering Lane's Sweet Surrender

Please welcome our very own Sweet Surrender and Jespersen's Melancholia.  The two girls get along famously and are enjoying each other's company. 

Two Coton of Whispering Lane's Dogs Were Finalists on GMA' s Dog vs. Dog Contest

We are very proud that out of so many videos our dogs Whispering Lane Joe Paws and Cotonnerie Gator were picked to be semi-finalists  and then finalists on Good Morning America's Dog vs. Dog contest.  Led by our Father and trainer, Darrell Sipe, our Joey and Gator put on an outstanding performance for the Big Apple.  We are so very proud of them and so very thankful to all of you who supported us and voted.