2010 Turned Out to Be a Very Good Year Here at Whispering Lane

The rankings are out for 2010 and we are proud to announce that Whispering Lane put in a excellent showing taking the top 6 spots of ACC. Our Ozzy for the second year in a row has managed in just four months to take the first spot followed by our own breedings of oo7, All About Me and Joe Paws. 007 and Joe Paws also were able to earn their ACC Championships. Further Ozzie took the second place ranking in UKC's Top Ten and recently went on to take Best of Breed at UKC's Top Ten Invitational. This is a competition where only the Top Ten of each breed are invited to compete against each other to challenge each others rankings. Last year in UKC we championed four dogs Ozzy, 007, All About Me and Artic Blast. Not bad for a year of work! We are so proud of our dogs and are so pleased with each of their accomplishments.

2011 is shaping up to be another banner year. We are well on our way to seeking Grand Champions in UKC. We currently hold the top rankings and have four dogs currently in Top Ten. Look out because we have some up and coming stars. Our Madame Butterfly has already flitted 5 Best in Show Puppy with some very stiff competition and will begin regular competition at our next show and Misaki has spunk like her Mother (Kiss Me I'm Perfect) and will be entering her very first show very soon. Let's not forget Sunni who will also be competing in her first show giving her sister Madame Butterfly a run for her money. We look forward to what is to come and thank all who have supported us in our program.

Ozzy Wins Best of Breed at UKC's Top Ten Premiere