Hot Off The Press

Every been frustrated with grooming?  Brigitte Jespersen and Helle Sydendal have just written and published a grooming book specifically for Cotons.  It has excellent detail and beautiful pictures.  I would highly recommend this book to all that own a Coton.  To purchase the book visit . 

Coming Soon to Whispering Lane

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest addition to the Whispering Lane Cotons. At just 7 weeks our precious little gal is showing great promise.   She is the offspring of Brigitte Jespersen's double World Champion Bahiya and Spinning Cesare.    We feel so honored not only for the opportunity to own such a beautiful dog but also the honor of getting to know such a special person. We look forward to a lasting friendship with our new friend in Denmark, Brigitte Jespersen.